Dr. Kihura Nkuba has something to say!


Message from the aficionado Pan-Africanist,Prof/Dr. Kihura Nkuba Rwacumika.

  1. Pan-Africanism: Quality of thought, action & practices that are rooted in the best image & interest of African people.
  2. We need financial freedom, strong organizations with strong pillars & chain of command – for sustainability, vision-driven leadership. Most successful organizations in the world (like the army) have a strong chain of command. Respected leadership!
  3. Take yourself seriously.
  4. Liberation isn’t for everyone. Have investment projects!
  5. No matter your level, you must associate with your culture; especially “learned culture”.
  6. You won’t achieve by pretending to be someone else. Many people aren’t comfortable being themselves. Be yourself.
  7. Wanting to be what we aren’t. What you conceive is what you achieve.

We care a lot about our appearance and what they think about us. Be yourself!

  1. Paper Money (narrow money) & money keeping. Money has got energy – Money can’t stay at a house without money. Learn how to keep earn & keep money. Mind your spending culture. Money will come to you,but how long you hold on it determines your future wealth. Save & plan!
  2. How old are you? How “much” long do you have on earth? Why do you live? Live, plan & act like you’ll live for only 12 months. Have evidence of having a mission in life. Action(s)!
  3. What is your name? What’s its meaning & origin? Who are your grand, great & great great parents…? What do you have? What do you want? What will you “leave”?
  4. Don’t enjoy a lot of time doing nothing. Don’t operate under the pretext that we’ve time.


  1. Those who want & plan for the future will have the future. Those who don’t plan for the future will have other people’s plans imposed on them.
  2. Don’t try. Perform! And don’t die trying!
  3. Success is very easy – but you must wake up very early in the morning and say; I want to achieve it!
  4. Always do what others haven’t done. Big goals. Goals that scare others. Don’t fly before crawling!
  5. You need an activity that brings you together. Not just sitting & believing.
  6. Business is as good as the records it keeps. Respect protocols!
  7. Education goes with ideology & knowledge.
  8. No mystery on where whites get money from.

Organization & finance.

  1. Set limits. How old are you? Set yourself. Set targets!

Kihura Nkuba is a prominent & successful entrepreneur and farmer based in Mubende central Uganda,with projects in different parts of Uganda.


Shared by Mr. Aaron Ainomugisha aaronainomugisha7@gmail.com , apropos takeaways from Saturday, March 5,2022 meeting with Kihura Nkuba, all geared towards promoting Pan-Africanism & impactful living.

Aaron Ainomugisha (representing Rise Against Poverty Organization-RAP Uganda), together with Vision Leaders Forum-Uganda members led by Mr Chrispus Munzira.



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