Dr. Miria Matembe intervenes after Bushenyi court ruling relieving father who defiled and impregnated his biological daughter


The former Ethics and Integrity minister, Dr. Miria Koburunga Matembe has swiftly intervened in a case where a 17 year old girl was defiled and impregnated by her father Dr. Gilverse Rubagumya Twiine.

Her intervention as a human rights defender follows a decision by Bushenyi chief magistrate Simon Toloko to release the accused on Ugx2 million cash bail and his sureties Ugx5 million non cash bail on Tuesday, 27th September 2022. Court also confirmed that the case was reduced by Director of Public Prosecution from aggravated defilement to incest.

Dr. Matembe has now pledged to meet the DPP Jane Frances Abodo this week and ascertain whether she is the one who reduced the case to incest which is against the law. She says according to how she knows Abodo, she couldn’t have reduced the case to favor the sinful father.

At the beginning of second term 2022, Gilverse gave the daughter some abortion pills and advised her on how to swallow them in case she didn’t experience her normal menstruation period. While at school Bweranyangyi, the girl never had her menstruation period prompting her to swallow the abortion pills which caused her a deteriorated health condition, and she was rushed to the hospital where she disclosed this emotive story.

Contacted about the court decision, Bushenyi district probation officer Faith Betenga Amanya stressed that the victim should be consoled and anyone who is not contented could appeal.




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