The government of Uganda and other stakeholders have a lot to play in supporting youth empowerment and general socio-economic transformation. In this article, Mr. Kaviji John, a Public Health specialist tackles how the youth can be effectively empowered and transformed. He is also the Chairperson Social Service Committee and City Youth Councilor for Mbarara city,doubling as founder Kavijo Health Foundation-KHF & CEO Kavijo Enterprises Ltd-KEL.

Mr. Kaviji John (wearing a coat) and other leaders during a ceremony where leaders of different groups received spray pumps, at Catholic Social Centre Mbarara on July 25,2022.

PARENTING PROGRAMS. Parents/guardians and upcoming parents should be educated on how to groom their children especially on world challenges and how to live responsibly in the community with others or co-existence,and with impact.

INTEGRATION OF LIFE & VOCATIONAL SKILLS IN EDUCATION CURRICULUM OF ORDINARY SCHOOLS. Most children and other members of the community in Uganda still believe that vocational studies are for failed children or those from poor backgrounds. This continues to be challenged by technical & vocational graduates getting jobs than most university graduates. Vocational skills should be promoted and supported to create more room for self-employment than job seeking.

RESTORATION OF YOUTH PROGRAMS. The government of Uganda has put in place some measures for socio-economic empowerment of youths like the Youth Venture Fund, Youth Livelihood program and others, but they have not hit the targets and some collapse due to weak systems and structures hindering accountability. This has caused massive losses.

SMALL INTEREST LOANS IN COMMERCIAL BANKS. Availing small interest loans or soft loans to youths in different commercial banks – with low percentage compared to the rest boosts the economic activities which in end fosters socio-economic transformation.

MINDSET CHANGE. Like other categories or groups, the youths should be sensitized and empowered to ensure that they embrace and ensure responsible and impactful living.


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