Hon. Crispin Kaheru on people-centered democracy


Hon. Crispin Kaheru, member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission-UHRC has challenged the global community to practice mutual respect, and uphold harmonious co-existence between different communities regardless of their diverse social systems, ideologies, cultures, histories and development levels. He made the remarks at the 2022 Beijing Forum on Human Rights on 26 July 2022 in Beijing China, under the theme “working together towards fairer, more equitable, reasonable and inclusive global human rights governance”.

Hon. Kaheru underscored the importance of a people-centered democracy defined in respective diversity.  “At this point in time, I implore global thought leadership to ignite multiple de-centralized fora to allow for a realistic and organic restructuring of democracy and human rights infrastructures”, he stressed.

Held every year since 2008, the Beijing Forum on Human Rights attracts officials and human rights experts and scholars from countries and regions in the world. The forum is a high-level annual platform for officials, experts and scholars from across the globe to share thoughts on human rights, democracy and development.

A 2021/22 report by Human Rights Watch put Uganda in countries with “worrying” state of human rights – https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2022/country-chapters/uganda

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