Ultimatum: Leave Dr. Kizza Besigye’s home now,address commodity prices crisis


Human rights defenders, concerned leaders and other stakeholders in Mbarara and western Uganda at large have issued 2 days ultimatum to police and the government to explain why Dr. Kizza Besigye is still under house arrest at his home in Kasangati Wakiso without clear reasons being given.

Besigye has not been allowed to move out of his home since May 12,2022 when he attempted to walk to the city protesting against the skyrocketing commodity prices across Uganda – like soap, fuel and others.

In today’s meeting in Mbarara city, the group led by former western Uganda Youth MP candidate Adios Denmark Beinomugisha, the leader of Rise Against Poverty Organization-RAP Uganda Aaron Ainomugisha, analyst & political activist Francis Kakooza and others expressed concern over the increasing oppression & intimidation across Uganda causing many to suffer silently,fearing to speak up. “It’s a signal & warning to President Museveni and IGP Ochola. Free Besigye, he knows what hurts Ugandans,”Denmark warned. Kakooza argued that currently,many people are suffering due to the commodity prices crisis yet the relevant authorities are silent.

President Museveni recently advised Ugandans to eat cassava if bread is expensive. Cassava is more expensive than bread.

The group warned to mobilize Ugandans and take action if Besigye remains under house arrest & the commodity prices remain “abnormally high”.


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