Ankole LCIII Chairpersons & Mayors want ugx5M salary,decry corruption by technocrats


LC III Chairpersons & mayors from Ankole sub-region want the government to increase their monthly salary from ugx380,000 to 5 million since they do a lot than MPs who earn over 25 million,and other concerns hindering their work.

In their meeting at Kakyeka playground ground on 23/3/2022, they revealed that they are using their money to do government work, and have now moved to unite & petition different authorities including President Museveni.

The “frustrated” leaders are also concerned that they continue being sidelined;

Mr. Patrick Bigambweensi.

decrying corruption by technocrats who budget for ugx20 million to construct a ugx5 million pit latrine,and other irregularities hindering accountability & service delivery.

According to one of their coordinators Patrick Bigambweensi who’s the mayor Bwizibweera-Rutooma town council,they are closer to local people, and face too much demand.
Story by Rise News Uganda


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