DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Businessman & Ankole Prince Henry Katanga Shot Dead as Wife Molly Katanga Becomes Key Suspect


Prominent Kampala businessman and Ankole Prince, Henry Katanga met a tragic end on Thursday morning, November 2,2023. He was fatally shot in a heated argument with his wife, Molly Katanga, at their residence near Rivonia Suites in Mbuya, Kampala.
The circumstances surrounding this grim incident unfolded in the wee hours of today when Henry Katanga returned home after a night of enjoyment with friends. His late arrival, it is reported, ignited a furious dispute with his wife, Molly who has been arrested by police to help in investigations.

As the dispute escalated, the couple’s home was suddenly pierced by a loud gunshot originating from their bedroom.
The couple’s daughter, Tricia, alarmed by the commotion, rushed to her parents’ bedroom, only to discover her father lifeless, blood seeping from his head as Molly Katanga laid unconscious on the bedroom floor.
Responding to the situation, Molly was swiftly transported to IHK Hospital in Namuwongo, Kampala, for medical attention, but she is a key suspect in her husband’s murder.

The family of the deceased asserts that Molly shot her husband in the heat of their argument. In contrast, members of Molly’s family contend that Henry Katanga had subjected her to severe physical abuse, and, mistakenly believing her to be dead, had decided to take his own life.

POLITICS & INFLUENCE: Both families wield significant influence within the upper echelons of Uganda’s political and military landscape. Molly, in particular, is a prominent supplier to the Ministry of Defence, commanding substantial financial gains annually, while many of her relatives are affiliated with the armed forces.
The Ugandan Police are anticipated to issue an official statement regarding this high-profile case later this evening.

This tragic episode serves as a somber reminder of a similar incident in 2013 when Juvenal Nsenga, a prosperous Kampala businessman, lost his life. Nsenga’s wife, Uwera, was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison for using her car to fatally harm him at their family home’s gate. The couple had been grappling with unresolved domestic issues.

A recent event that offers a stark contrast to this tragedy is the wedding of the Katanga’s daughter, which took place at Mestil Hotel just this past Saturday. Attendees recall the couple’s jovial and seemingly harmonious demeanor, leaving them perplexed by the tragic turn of events.

ALARMING AND ESCALATING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN UGANDA: This heart-wrenching incident underscores the concerning surge in domestic violence cases in Uganda, as indicated by police records. In 2022, a total of 17,698 instances of domestic violence were reported to the police, reflecting a 0.94% increase from the 17,533 cases reported in 2021. Among these, 301 cases resulted in murder, directly linked to domestic violence, further emphasizing the need for intervention and awareness on this pressing issue in Ugandan society.


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