GUN VIOLENCE IN UGANDA: Mbarara police officer shoots dead Ruhengyere UPDF engineering brigade officer

Uganda People’s Defence Force-UPDF officer, Cpl Yeremiah Paper attached to Ruhengyere Engineering Brigade has been shot dead by Mbarara Field Force Unit-FFU police officer PC Opio Charles (number 50158) near Mbarara main prison gate, where FFU officers reside. This is the 8th gun violence case across Uganda since May 2,2023.
WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR. According to a source (identity concealed),the police officer Opio was heading to work in the evening around 6pm – but was drunk.
The UPDF officer who was visiting his brother (also a police officer) had some ladies taking selfies. When Opio passed, he (Opio) asked them why they’re capturing his photos.
The UPDF officer (in plain clothes & holding a stick) followed him, and Opio asked him if he wanted to die.
Opio then shot the UPDF in the abdomen before shooting in the air. He later reported himself to CPS Mbarara.
The Uganda Police Force deputy spokesperson, Polly Namaye has confirmed that Opio has been detained at CPS Mbarara, his gun exhibited, and the body of the deceased conveyed to Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital for postmortem as investigations continue.



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