SHEEMA SAND BUSINESS MAYHEM: Prof Mesharch Katusiimeh & MP Dicksons Kateshumbwa implicated

Prof. Mesharch Katusiime & MP Dicksons Kateshumbwa.

TENSION IN SHEEMA AS SAND BUSINESS TURNS THINGS UPSIDE DOWN – CONCERNED CITIZEN, June 8,2022. Chaos might emerge from the impasse between sand dealers, landlords, Sheema District Local Government and the self-styled opinion leader Prof. Mesharch Katusiimeh,director Rwebiita Preparatory School who is also currently making grass-root moves (reportedly) to unseat Sheema Municipality MP,Hon. Dicksons Kateshumbwa. The origin of this problem emerges from the connivance between local government leaders and undisciplined locals led by Prof. Mesharch who have sabotaged the sand business in Ngoma for reasons well known to them.

We have been reliably informed that the sand dealers, Sino Truck drivers, artisanal miners and landlords held a closed-door meeting at the start of this week and resolved to take legal action against Sheema District Local Government, Prof. Mesharch and his team who illegally closed the roads to block the sand business. It should be noted that the sand business is one of the key economic activities in the areas of Ngoma-Sheema.

Speaking to their lawyer (name withheld), he expressed that Sheema District Local Government and individual leaders (ringleaders) are likely to face charges for damages extended to these different businessmen to a tune close to Ugx 7 billion. Available evidence points to the fact that the current sabotage is all-round illegal and close to mob justice. So far, social tension is being felt in Ngoma as sand dealers threaten to demonstrate from Prof. Mesharch’s Rwebiita Preparatory School on Saturday 11th 2022. While speaking to our reporter, they asserted that the Professor can never sabotage their business and keep enjoying Rwebiita Preparatory School business. One individual who preferred anonymity vowed to see this school to ashes. This has raised discomfort among the learners and parents of this school with most parents considering to transfer their children to other schools even before the term ends – in the fear of their children’s lives. Tensions continue to rage as each side seeks to attain justice. We wait to hear the bombshell from Sheema soonest.

Rise News Uganda will continue with follow-ups. Prof. Katusiimeh recently quashed the claims raised by sand dealers and other aggrieved. RISE NEWS UGANDA on TWITTER 


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