Eid Mubarak: What you have to know as you celebrate Eid al-Fitr!


Eid al-Fitr message from Sheikh Yahya Matsiko, the leader of RUNYAKITARA DA’WA AGENCY western Uganda. Eid al-Fitir celebrations are on Monday, May 2,2022 & Tuesday, May 3,2022.

On this auspicious day of Eid Al fitr, may all your wishes be fulfilled and may you find happiness and peace. This day comes with a message of compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. Its a time of joy and celebration with our family and friends. We give out gifts to those we love and wish well, we put aside our grudges and celebrate together, say Salam to every Muslim we come across, raise our voices with the “takbeer” praises of the Almighty creator. Eid al-Fitr is a holy festival of all Muslims around the world to be celebrated with family members, relatives and neighbours. Thanking the Almighty God who allowed us witness the holy month of

Ramadan. This is one of the two legislated communal celebrations by our prophet(pbuh), and it happens on the 1st of Shawaal (10th month) according to the Hijr calendar. It was celebrated by the Prophet(pbuh) and his companions and those that came after them. He (pbuh) encouraged everyone to attend the Eid prayer which takes place sometime after sunrise, even women in their seasons were told to attend except that they don’t perform the Salah, but they are present. Even the young girls who are about to get married are encouraged to attend the Eid prayer. Everyone should attend, even those without garments should at least borrow for that day. Muslims should remain and persist with the good habits that they had during the month of Ramadan. The preacher shouldn’t also over-stretch or prolong the sermon to frustrate the converging believers. After the general prayer, the preacher/sheikh/İmam with another person are advised to have a talk with the women alone and teach them as well their religion and encourage them to give in charity.

As RUNYAKITARA DA’WA AGENCY, we join the world to wish you special Eid al-fitr celebrations and we pray that the Almighty God accepts all your prayers and good deeds that you do to improve the welfare of everyone. Making Islam accessible to those in areas where it’s almost impossible for them to ever get a wind about Islam is if the great deeds that a Muslim can do, let’s be ambassadors of Islam in our areas of residence and areas beyond us, as the Prophet(pbuh) sent letters of Islam to those who were far from him, he also encouraged others to learn other languages, all with a purpose of widening the horizon of the glorious message he (pbuh) came with. As we (RDA) strive on this path, we ask you to do the same, by any means in your reach, God’s promise is never broken.

Let us also consider the needy people in the celebrations by giving the zakar al-fitr before the prayer time, thus making others happy after God making us happy. May God’s praises fill our hearts, we wish you a great Eid al-fitr! Message from Sheikh Yahya Matsiko, head of Runyakitara Da’awa. RISE NEWS UGANDA on TWITTER https://twitter.com/RiseNewsUganda/status/1520852486285926401?s=20&t=_DYiNkFDcW_QZdjpPbY-7Q



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