“Forgotten & Missing” gun violence cases in Njeru Municipality


Njeru Municipality,Buikwe District,Central Uganda. This story “covers” gun violence in the world,and how related cases are handled.

Most human rights violations & other injustices have been abandoned or isolated due to fear, intimidation, political influence and other issues – a growing threat to human rghts.

CASE reduced from attempted murder to NO. NJERU P/STN, SD REF: 30/04/6/2018. T/VIOLENCE.

Around November 2012, President Museveni issued a strong directive to then Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Edward Kalekyezi Kayihura to stop issuance of private guns. He went ahead and stopped him from even renewing licenses of the same.

This was during the abuse of guns in individual or civilian hands, and human rights violation cases that dominated “the media” especially between 2016-2020.

However, this didn’t eliminate the suspected illegal possession of guns especially among those who were connected to “inner circles” like the General’s great friend Charles Mutasingwa, a resident of Njeru who “was” reportedly in illegal possession of two guns; a pistol and an AK47 rifle he used to terrorize residents in the area with impunity.

At Njeru police post, there were over seven sleeping cases against Mutasingwa, all of them involving use of these guns. In the spotlight is the area police officers headed by SSP Ruhanda, the then area DPC reported as Mutasingwa’s ‘god-father.’ Any case against the man is declared ‘dead’ on the sporting to police, or so, it is highly believed.

However, the Investigator news & deep sources (June/July 2018) landed on a case of ‘threatening violence’ via SD Reference 30/04/6/18.

The case was filed against Mutasingwa by his family members led by the brother, Henry Stanley Katuramu – all of whom he unsuccessfully & allegedly attempted to kill in broad day light at Bukaya trading center when he showered bullets towards them.

Driving in a Land Cruiser V8 registration number UAZ 903 J on June 4th2018, Katuramu was in company of 5 brothers; Agaba Davis, Herbert Mutabaazi, Fred Karamagye, Vincent Kirenga Karamagye and Ronald Karamagye.  All of them were in the area to support their chosen candidate, Yasin Kyazze aka ‘Ssitya Loss’, who was standing against Mutasingwa’s daughter, Ms. Diana Kagyenyi Mutasingwa the Njeru Municipality Mayoral race.

At Bukaya, Katuramu had parked on the roadside, talking with their candidate on phone after which, he started the engine and tried to get back on the road. However, before he could, Mutasingwa’s vehicle, a TX Prado, registration number UAN 289 V, white in color came from the rear at a rocket speed and blocked them. In just a flash, a short stout man with a military cap jumped out of the back seat, opened the boot, removed the AK47 rifle, cocked it and pointed it at the group.

On a proper zooming, Mutasingwa’s image was reflected in Katuramu’s car as well as the marks left by his gun.

Mr. Charles Mutasingwa.
Mr. Charles Mutasingwa.

Sensing danger, the fidgeting Katuramu tried to engage the reverse. At this point, Mutasingwa jumped out of the co-driver’s seat with a pistol and started shooting bullets at them but shortly above the roof. Katuramu concentrated on reversing until he got space to negotiate and rush out of the scene but he could not find space. “I resigned and parked the vehicle, waiting for our fate,” he stated (quoted by the Investigator).

It was mildly drizzling but it did not deter Mutasingwa from dashing to the stationery car and started banging Katuramu’s door in a bid to force him to open. “I sensed it was time to leave against all odds,” he said. Indeed, he negotiated by hitting through the ditch on the roadside and sped off straight to police. Our reporter at Njeru police had been alerted and was there.

At police, upon naming the attempted murder suspect, a detective advised them to instead negotiate with their tormentor, saying they could not get justice through their station. “I fear for my job. That man is untouchable here. We actually have several cases against him but honestly speaking, no one can handle him here,” the detective (names withheld) reportedly offered.

As they were still pleading to have their case registered, Mutasingwa drove in. He was guided in a room from where, he had a one on one with a senior officer. Lastly, they were also called in another room from where they recorded their statements after about four hours of beseeching. To their utter shock, the preferred charge had been reduced from attempted murder to threatening violence!

After recording their statements, the group drove to Igar filling station’s restaurant to grab something to eat, only to bump into Mutasingwa with his family having late lunch there. Shocked and resigned, they abandoned their plans and headed to Jinja town for their meals. That evening, their candidate was declared the winner of the NRM primaries for Njeru Mayor Flag bearer, against Kagyenyi who, has since switched to stand on an independent ticket.

Contacted, the DPC told the Investigator that the file has since been sent to the Resident State Attorney but avoided any further questions. On his side, the out-going RDC, Fred Bamwine, also a known friend to Mutasingwa said he had directed the police to disarm his friend. Asked whether he confirmed both guns were withdrawn, Bamwine said he only knew of the pistol and not the AK47.

To this end, the victims are still complaining of receiving threatening messages and calls from Mutasingwa, his wife Grace and other family members who are on the other side. Our investigations unveiled that indeed, Mutasingwa is an untouchable fella in the area. Even when he committed the offence in broad day light (Midday) residents fear to openly come out to testify.

Their fear, we have gathered, is because whoever offers to make a statement will be known by Mutasingwa courtesy of the friendly forces in the police at Njeru. Nevertheless, two people have offered to record their statements against all odds.

The cases are now “forgotten & missing”.

Currently (as of April 21,2022), Hon. Mutasingwa Diana Kagyenyi is the Woman MP Buikwe district and Minister of State – Office of the Vice President.

Mr. Charles Mutasingwa is reported to be the Owner Afro Freight Logistics Co. Ltd, led by his son Ivan Mutasingwa.

Rise News Uganda (using multiple & deep sources) shared this story in a bid to “expose” gun violence in the world, and how related cases are handled.

The Amnesty International has on several occasions reported that gun violence is a contemporary global human rights issue.  It’s a daily tragedy affecting lives around the world, with more than 500 people losing lives daily.

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